12.07.08 » More CD's and movies added
The respective collections have been updated with new albums and DVD's.

21.06.08 » New albums
New albums and DVD's added to the collections - the new album from Mötley Crüe is now MINE...

13.06.08 » Lots of updates have been made
I've bought quite a few albums and I've been to Sweden Rock Festival 2008 where I took a lot of pictures and saw quite a few bands. So check out all the updates!

25.05.08 » CD number 1100 added to my collection!
And the winner was... House Of Lords - World Upside Down. Congratulations!

25.05.08 » MUSIC!
Added a show and a few albums to the lists.

17.05.08 » More 'n more 'n more...
8 albums was bought and added to the music section.

09.05.08 » New additions to the lists
Added a concert and 9 new (and old) albums to the music section.

25.04.08 » Waaaay too many albums have been added...
A total of 14 new and remastered albums was added to the collection... Am I insane???

09.04.08 » Albums added
Old albums added to the collection.

28.03.08 » One show plus new and old albums added
Got a handful of old albums from Retrospect Records and the new album from swedish sleaze rockers Fatal Smile. I also went to a show with german power metal band Rage - the concerts section has therefore also been updated.

23.03.08 » CD and concert section has been updated
Bought 6 new CD's which have been added to the collection. I also went to show which has been added to the list.

09.03.08 » Music sections have been updated
Updated the concerts section with a Brainstorm show and the music section with a handful of new additions to the collection.

27.02.08 » Links
Updated the links section.

17.02.08 » More 'n more - and then just a little more...
Got a few albums from the old L.A.-glam scene and a couple of new albums as well. Check it out here.

01.02.08 » And on we walk...
On the first day of the second month I went bezerk and bought a total of 9 new albums... I must be crazy...

27.01.08 » A few albums added
Got a handful of albums and went to the first concert of 2008.

13.01.08 » First update of 2008
First and foremost I'd like to wish y'all a happy new year!
I've already bought the first albums of the year and the music section has therefore been updated.

07.12.07 » More gigs added
A couple of live shows was added to the concerts page.

30.11.07 » Old LP's and CD's added to the collection
Today I bought a few CD's and a total of seven old LP's - they have all been added to the music page.

24.11.07 » A milestone has been reached
Yesterday I bought my 1000th CD - and also number 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004 and 1005... Then later, I went to see Nasty Idols live - what a great day it was!

14.11.07 » German heavy metal!
A dream came true - or actually two dreams came true: Got to see both Primal Fear and U.D.O. live! I also bought a few old albums from the madman himself...

07.11.07 » Megadeth
The new boxed set from Megadeth entitled Warchest is released... And I've got my sweaty little hands on it! Yihaaa...

04.11.07 » More albums added to the ever-growing music collection...
A handful of new albums was added - including the new album from Ted Poley, signed by Ted himself!

21.10.07 » A few updates
Got a couple of new albums and went to two shows - one with Y&T and one with Dokken and Kingdom Come.

10.10.07 » Albums and DVD added
Add a few new albums and a DVD to the collection...

29.09.07 » New album and concert added
Saw Crashdïet live and bought their new release, 'The Unattractive Revolution'.

25.09.07 » New albums!
Got a few new albums including new releases from Primal Fear and Ted Nugent.

20.09.07 » A couple of albums added
After a few days without new purchases I returned to action today and got a couple of albums.

05.09.07 » Famous 4 Fear
The latest album from Shameless and a DVD with Primal Fear was bought.

02.09.07 » Emigrate
Debut album from german guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe's band Emigrate was added to the collection.

27.08.07 » New stuff - pages updated
The concerts page was updated (live show with Nightlight) and so was the music page (new cd from Scorpions).

20.08.07 » Swedish glam / sleaze albums
The debut album from United Enemies was added. The same goes for the new Single from Loud 'N' Nasty - swedish glam / sleaze rock at its finest!

15.08.07 » More albums added
Even more albums added... This time from Shakra and Freedom Call.

11.08.07 » New albums in the collection
Got the new albums from Velvet Revolver and Iron Savior - amongst others...

20.07.07 » Nocturnal Rites
Got a couple of albums from melodic metal band Nocturnal Rites. My first ones ever by this band but definately not the last!

13.07.07 » A few more albums added!
3 albums was added to the collection today.

06.07.07 » Many new and old albums added!
A total of 10 new and old albums was added to the collection. What a day!

22.06.07 » New albums added
Got a few albums from the Sun City Records label and the new record from swedish metal band Bloodbound.

16.06.07 » Even more music and concerts added...
Saw The Prince Of Darkness live and I got a few albums with Artimus Pyledriver and Malice.

07.06.07 » More music and concerts
Saw Megadeth and Heaven & Hell live plus I got an old album from Ratt.

04.06.07 » Eat the Domino Effect!
New albums from Marilyn Manson and Gotthard added to the collection today.

02.06.07 » More and more albums added...
Well I guess the headline says it all - more albums were added to the collection today including the spanish edition of the old Accept album, 'Breaker'.

27.05.07 » Paul Glibert is a damn good guitarist!
Got the chance to see guitar wizard Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big, Racer X) live at The Rock - and boy, can that guy play the guitar or what! He's definately one of the best guitarists in the World today - pure class. The gig has been added to the list.

21.05.07 » United Abominations in Black Rain
Finally the new albums from Megadeth and Ozzy have arrived!!!

19.05.07 » CD's and a concert added
Got a couple of new albums and a gig at The Rock.

05.05.07 » CD's, DVD's and concerts added to the site
Got a few new albums and DVD's plus I went to see a couple of gigs at The Rock - I got to see W.A.S.P. for the first time ever and it kicked ass!

24.04.07 » More CD's added...
Got a few albums today. An old Bon Jovi record and the debut album from Towers Of London.

20.04.07 » Stick It In Your Ear!
Got the debut solo album from Paul Laine today - so Stick It In Your Ear! The latest concert I went to see (Cornerstone and Switchblade) has been added to the list.

31.03.07 » Lots of CD's added
Bought a bunch of albums today - too many to mention but they're added to the collection.

26.03.07 » In The Inner Sanctum...
Got the new album from Saxon - The Inner Sanctum, in a limited edition with bonus DVD plus the latest self-titled release from hard rockers Big Cock.

24.03.07 » 900th CD bought!
And the winner is... Gun Barrel - Battle Tested.

22.03.07 » Show added to concerts list
Went to see drumme Eric Singer and his all-star band, E.S.P., at The Rock and the show has been added to the list.

10.03.07 » Old albums have been added
A total of nine old albums was added to the collection.

05.03.07 » In the red...
New album from Crank County Daredevils (yup, that's what they're called) was added to the collection.

02.03.07 » The Gods of Rock 'n' Roll...
The the new album from Manowar and the 2nd album from danish sleaze rockers Switchblade. Check out the music section.

23.02.07 » Royal Hunt
Saw Royal Hunt live last night so the concerts section has been updated. I also purchased one of their old albums, 'Moving Target'.

21.02.07 » German metal and american rock
One album from german singer Udo and two albums from american hard rockers Baton Rouge added.

15.02.07 » Oldies but goodies...
Killer Dwarfs. TNT. Blacklace. Kix. XYZ. Old albums - great albums. All added to the collection!

09.02.07 » Albums added...
Got a couple of albums from Crystal Pistol and U.D.O.

03.02.07 » Quite a few albums added...
Got the latest albums from Sinner, Mike Slamer, Godsmack, Wind Wraith and The Poodles plus oldies from Alice Cooper, Black 'N Blue, Mike Tramp and Lita Ford.

25.01.07 » 6 CD's and 11 LP's added!
Todays purchases include new albums from Vains Of Jenna, Sweet Teaze and Unrest plus old albums from Ratt, Loudness, Black 'N Blue and others.

10.01.07 » The first purchase of 2007...
Got my fist CD of 2007. Check it out in the music section.

04.01.07 » The dragon tattoo is finished!
My fourth tattoo has been finished. It's a drawing of two dragons tattoed by Colin Dale - inspired by a HammerFall drawing. You can find a picture in the 'body art' section.

23.12.06 » Rock never stops...
Switchblade played another show - this time at The Rock in Copenhagen - and once again they KICKED SERIOUS ASS!. I also received the new album from female rockers Vixen.

15.12.06 » Rock 'n' roll 4 ever!
Danish sleaze rockers Switchblade debut gig was yesterday at Amager Bio in Copenhagen - and they KICKED ASS!. Check it out here.

08.12.06 » Ratt, Twisted Sister, Metal Skool
Old LP's from Ratt and Twisted Sister has been added to the collection as well as the latest album from glam rockers Metal Skool.

06.12.06 » Glam rocks!
Jetboy, Hard Knox and Cherry St. - old glam bands now in my collection.

01.12.06 » New albums have been added...
Got the new live DVD from my favourite German band, Rammstein plus the new release from Firewind.

25.11.06 » S.M.F.
Got a few old albums from Twisted Sister plus the latest release from Vicious Rumors.

20.11.06 » Maximum music
Back in the eighties lots of glam band didn't get the success they deserved and Maximum was one of those bands. Their album 'Just For Kicks' has now entered my collection and a couple of live shows with DiAnno and Babylon Bombs has been added to my concerts list.

10.11.06 » Back for the attack!
Bought Dokken's old album Back For The Attack. Actually it's the first Dokken album I own on Compact Disc...

03.11.06 » Revolutions...
Got the new album from Skid Row today - Revolutions Per Minute. A concert with danish band Volbeat was also added to the list.

23.10.06 » A few more albums purchased...
Got a few more albums today - new releases from Krokus, Bang Tango and Evergrace. I also added a concert with Krokus to the list of gigs that I've attended.

19.10.06 » HammerFall and Dream Evil
New albums from HammerFall and Dream Evil landed in my mailbox today - they kick serious ass!!!

13.10.06 » Something new and something old...
Old albums from UDO, Loudness and Wraith plus the new album from Wolf was bought today.

06.10.06 » Music, music, music...
Bought a few more albums today - including some oldies from Black 'N Blue.

04.10.06 » Out To Every Nation
Got a couple of albums today: Jorn - 'Out To Every Nation' and The Ring - 'Tales From Midgard'.

25.09.06 » Operation: Mindcrime deluxe
Got the deluxe edition of the classic Queensrÿche album Operation: Mindcrime. It features a couple of bonus tracks, a DVD with the videos from O:M and a previously unreleased live CD recorded at Hammersmith Odeon way back in 1990.

22.09.06 » The Priest is back!
I finally got hold of the latest Judas Prist live DVD - Rising In The East. And it kicks ass...

15.09.06 » Loudness!
Got a few more cd's today - three old albums from Loudness plus new releases from Trixie and Lunatica.

01.09.06 » Music madness!!
Bought a total of thirteen(!) CD's - thereamongst new releases from Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Blind Guardian and National Dust. I also bought some old albums from Kix, Ratt and At Vance plus loads more...

29.08.06 » CD's added to the collection
Added a couple of CD's to my collection.

25.08.06 » LP's added to collection
Added a couple of LP's from Twisted Sister and Tigertailz to my collection.

23.08.06 » Picture gallery added
Added a few pictures form my trip to Orlando, Florida in 2005. Check 'em out here.

22.08.06 » New sub-section and album added
Got another album from finish frontman Michael Monroe and added a list of my music DVD's to the site.

19.08.06 » Concert and album added
Went to a show with danish band D-A-D and bought the re-mastered edition of Tigertailz' debut album, Bezerk.

17.08.06 » Finally...
After almost a month of inactivity I've added a few albums to my ever-growing collection. In fact, I got my 800th CD today - it's the 30th anniversary remastered edition of the debut album from Twisted Sister - Under The Blade.

20.07.06 » Holy Hell!!!
Today the latest release from Rocb Rock arrived - Holy Hell - I'm getting closer to the magic number (800)...

08.07.06 » Several LP's and a few CD's added to the collection!
No less than 12 LP's and 3 CD's have been added to the collection - including the new release from danish rockers Starrats.

01.07.06 » Oh, no - more albums added to the ever-growing collection!
Seven albums has been added including new releases from Rhino Bucket and Eidolon.

23.06.06 » Scandinavia rocks hard!
Four new CD's added to the collection - Two from Swedish Fatal Smile and two from Finnish monster-rockers Lordi.

17.06.06 » New Tattoo
Yesterday I got myself a new tattoo. You can see it here.

12.06.06 » A couple of eBay-purchases and one concert added
Added a CD-S from Skid Row and the latest album from shredder Maxine Petrucci to the collection. It rocks! I also attented a concert at The Rock with Metal Church and Victory. A review will be added shortly and when it's online, it can be found here.

02.06.06 » The Arockalypse is here!
That's right - I've just brought home the new album from Finnish monster rockers Lordi. The Arockalypse is near...

29.05.06 » The Infinite Wonders Of Creation...
I'm a big fan of italian shredder Luca Turilli so I of course had to get his latest solo-record, The Infinite Wonders Of Creation.

22.05.06 » Rare gem added to the ever-growing collection
Today I got the self-titled debut-album from american hard rockers, Little Caesar, from 1990. It's somewhat of a rare item, but now it's finally in my collection!

17.05.06 » Two new albums added to the collection
The new album from danish hard rockers Fate was added today along with Ted Poley's project called Melodica.

13.05.06 » Even more albums added...
Several new CD's has been added to my ever-growing collection - today I added the albums from Rob Zombie, Beyond Fear (Tim 'Ripper' Owens) and Aldo Giuntini plus albums from Madam X, Bon Jovi and Europe. Check it out here!

03.05.06 » Fatal Force has arrived!
My guitar teacher, Torben Enevoldsen, has released a new album - Fatal Force - and it has of course been added to my collection.

28.04.06 » Guess what - new CD's have been added to the collection...
This includes the debut album from Miss Crazy and Killing Machine - featuring Dave Ellefson and Jimmy DeGrasso (ex-Megadeth).

20.04.06 » Even more music added to my collection!
A total of eight albums was added... Thereamongst the new solo album from former Danger Danger frontman Ted Poley - signed by Mr. Poley himself! Also included is Queensrÿche's 'Operation: Mindcrime II' - the long-awaited follow-up to the superb 'Operation: Mindcrime' from 1988.

07.04.06 » More CD's added...
Another day, another spending spree... Got four very different albums today - Some glam/sleaze, some symphonic hard rock and some good ol' southern rock!

31.03.06 » 2 more CD's added to my collection
Got a couple of albums today - the latest releases from Iron Fire and Edguy.

26.03.06 » New (external) feature
I've created a profile at Myspace.com and it has a nice little feature known as a blog - check it out!

11.03.06 » Finally - new music!
After a few months with only one cd purchased I went on a spending spree today and added a total of no less than nine (9) cd's to my collection. Life sure is good...

03.03.06 » Tonight's the night...
This evening THE place to be is at The Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark - Starting at 9:30pm is a triple concert with Starrats (DK), M.ILL.ION (S) and State Trooper (UK) . Then from 1am Denmark's Hard Rock Disco numero uno, Rock The Night, is going to rock the night away! Be there or be square!!!

I have also updated the 'Other'-section with some info about my favourite online game, Hattrick and some of my favourite web-links. Check it out right here.

27.02.06 » Links added
I've added some links to the 'Personal'-section - you can check them out here.

26.02.06 » Welcome to kimgoldbaek dot dk
I've been hard at work this weekend changing the layout of the site - now it is done and I'm quite happy with the result. I hope you like it, but if you don't... well, I allways appreciate feedback - both positive and negative - so feel free to mail me...

01.02.06 » CD section updated
Purchased a CD today - Paul Gilbert rules!

01.01.06 » Music section updated
The 'Best Of 2005'-list has been updated - check it out here!